What is the “Holomorphic Process” and why is it important?

Revised 10 April 2023

What is it?

The holomorphic process is something amazing that is evidently happening to the human species. I emphasized evidently because it appears as evidence but only to those who can see it. What’s happening is a transformation of consciousness – a metamorphosis that is changing our worldview. Whether yours is changing for the better of worse depends on who or what you identify with. Those who identify with truth will see the change as good and those who don’t will see it as bad. Some say that what is happening cannot be explained in terms of science, and that would be true if by “science” they only included information that stemmed from classical, Newtonian physics.  

Classical physics interprets the world in terms of physical substance, which appears to be permanent enough to be considered “real”. It deals with the nonphysical aspect of reality by treating it as “imaginary”. That is why complex numbers have both real and imaginary parts. It is also how most people interpret who and what they are – part real and part imaginary. That is because most of us were taught that physical objects, all the way down to subatomic particles, literally exist separate from and independent of the space that surrounds us. If I am this body that I call “me” then that is the real me. Therefore, I must not be the space that surrounds me, right? It is simple logic – from the law of non-contradiction.

That began to change at the beginning of the 1900s when Quantum Theory revealed that the foundation of reality is actually wave-like. That means that particles are nothing but quantifiable units of vibrational energy. However, this “particle-wave paradox” was hotly debated for years and today, most “common sense people” still think in terms of physical reality.

Common sense tells us, “If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.” And since vibrations can be viewed as a collection of individual “constant” frequencies, they actually “collapse” and form into matter. Therefore the observer can ignore the part about vibrations and think only in terms of constants. In those terms, matter is what matters and quantum physics is interpreted as meaning that reality is fundamentally physical in nature.  

However, there is a third, and I would say more “spirited approach” to understanding reality – a perspective that does not choose between physical and nonphysical. This third approach has been around for nearly as long as the other two, but since it is an elevated perspective, i.e. it requires one to rise above the opposites, a certain amount of growth and maturity are necessary in order for one to see it. It was called process philosophy back when quantum mechanics was first being interpreted, and more recently, the systems view of reality. In the book, The Systems View of LifeA Unifying Vision, by Capra and Luisi, the authors say, “the process perspective is the link between organization and structure.” (p. 302) They explain that “the three perspectives of organization, structure and process provide an integrative conceptual framework.” Physical reality corresponds to structure; nonphysical refers to process and together, they produce organization.

In his book, The Reflexive Universe: Evolution of Consciousness, Arthur Young, who was the engineer invented the Bell helicopter, presents a very similar thesis. He refers to photons or “light particles” as quantum units of action. As units of action, they act, which is a process, to form other quantum particles. Quantum particles form into atoms, which form molecules and all physical structures and by doing so, they lose their freedom of motion (in steps or degrees of freedom). Young points out that there is a turning point at which physical structures become self-organizing and self-sustaining. At that point, they begin to regain degrees of freedom and demonstrate “purposiveness in process” i.e. they present evidence of a goal. (p. 32)

When I “saw the light of truth” (I actually saw a light as a circular lens during a mystical experience) I could see how the particle-wave paradox can be viewed as being a cyclic process that morphs into a whole. It was obvious to me that a “being” or “cyclic process that morphs into a whole,” wants to be called the holomorphic process.

Why is it important?

The reason it is important is because the old interpretation of reality along with man’s natural hunger for power has introduced instability in the system we call mankind – an instability that is self-destructive and threatening to tear us apart. It is important that we understand how the system works so that we can recognize the characteristics that affect its stability. The system description works as a model that starts with the separation of a “unit” and a linear differentiation or projection of this pair in opposite directions (like our polarized political system). That is followed by a non-linear differentiation – an inversion called the “reflection,” which is used as feedback by the system. These are necessary steps in the systematic growth process. Since the original unit is a single, unified, flexible pattern of energy, the separation/projection creates tension (analogous to gravity) and as a whole, it reaches a critical point where it must reflect, or reform in order to regain stability.

However, if the unit is self conscious, it can reflect on itself (in systems lingo that’s called “feedback”) long before it becomes unstable, make modifications and reformations based on small amounts of information. This results in smooth transitions and the result is called “convolution.”

The way I’ve been growing this web page is an illustration of the convolution process. In a regular blog I would leave the home page alone and just post new information in separate posts, so if you followed every post you would see the “evolution” of my thought process. You may or may not see, and I really doubt that you would see the same correlations and connections that I see as you read what I learned and posted. So instead, I go back and change this page. If you really wanted to follow me, you would have to reread the whole thing to understand each of my new and improved ways of expressing myself. However, anyone who happens to find this page after an update has the benefit of not having to experience the same growing pains that you and I did during the purification process.

How it works

There are four steps that make up the holomorphic process:

  1. Separation,
  2. Projection,
  3. Reflection, and
  4. Reintegration
  5. Note: I previously called step 4 “reunification,” before I had recognized the parallels in control systems engineering, which uses differentiation and integration from calculus to mathematically model the system. When I did, I started calling it reintegration. I also realized that separation is mathematically a linear operation, (A – A’ = 0) and projection is represented as differentiation or a derivative, (dA/dA’ ).

It is easy for someone who understands Calculus to see how the process of differentiation followed by indefinite integration produces two parts rather than fully reintegrating back into the original. (Recall that the integral of (dA/dA’ ) with respect to dA’ is A plus a constant.) In quantum mechanics, the constant is represented as a factor called an Eigenvalue and this is related to the system because a living system produces something that has a different quality than the original.

Any engineer who took a course in Control Systems Engineering can recognize (dA/dA’ ) as a “Transfer Function” and the holomorphic process as being an expression of a closed-loop feedback system. This kind of system model is commonly used for designing self-controlled, self-sustaining systems. That is how I see reality, as being an expression of a closed-loop, self-controlled, self-sustaining feedback system full of a bazillion closed-loop, self-controlled, self-sustaining feedback subsystems.

According to Arthur Young, quantum particles are the first subsystems in the process that forms into higher systems. He categorized the higher systems into “kingdoms” that feed on each other. The visible, physical feedback loop in all living systems is what we call “food.” The “human kingdom” is the part of the animal kingdom that also has an invisible, non-physical feedback branch called consciousness. It has a self-control function just like any other control system, that gives it the power to survive as a self-sustaining “unit,” but unlike unconscious systems, “he” is aware of his ability to hoard excess power for himself.

• Young lists the following 6 kingdoms: Light, Nuclear particles, Atoms, Determinate matter, Plants and Animals. He recognizes that there should be a seventh kingdom but leaves the reader to draw his own conclusion about that. I see it clearly as being man, separated from the Animal kingdom, and I see the 8th kingdom as being the Conscience, formed by the power of truth.
• It is important to realize that “energy” is simply the ability to do work, whereas actually doing work is what we call “power.” As such, the “power of truth” is actually an activation of energy. That is what makes a stable, self-sustaining system a “power plant.” It actually works. In the case of non-living particles, the model is what works. But in the case of living organisms, their bodies work as models and their subconscious minds work as operators of the model. For conscious animals, the Conscience works as the operator of what we call the spiritual body-model.

Because the subject of consciousness is usually the purview of mystics those philosophers who often claim that reality is an illusion seen through the lens of the mind’s eye, let me point out that my perspective is through the lens of science and engineering. I consider physical reality to be the definition of “real” substance but non-physical form that resonates also has substance. I consider the “mind’s eye” to be the “sense” of the ineffable “spiritual body,” which the physical body develops (like the output of a system) out of life experience and repeatedly morphs into increasingly higher-level perspectives of itself as whole.

The holomorphic process separates and projects (like the information-modulated carrier wave from a radio transmitter projects into the atmosphere) and then, because it is actual energy, it has the ability to do work. It is able to reflect upon itself and convolve with itself, to see itself as a reflection of truth. From that perspective, it begins to see the physical body as being a “less real” form of being. Whereas the physical body has “apparent power” = “staying power” + “reactive power,” both of which are relative, the spiritual body is a reflection of truth itself and has the power of truth. Therefore, its “staying power” is “true power,” which is absolute. In reality, i.e. in truth, it is made out of and therefore part of truth itself, which is what Thomas Aquinas and many others, including the Catholic Church calls “God.” They (I should say “we” since I received my confirmation as a Catholic when I finally learned this in the Catechism last year – in 2021) recognize God as a “person” or personification of “truth itself” just as we recognize our “self” as a “person” or personification of created truth. It is created, formed and reformed, i.e. “convolved” as we live our lives. But only the part that lives in truth has living substance.

Like the physical body, it is a system that will become unstable and “stop working,” i.e. “die” when it becomes too contaminated with untruth, i.e. energy that does not resonate with truth. The way I see it, when the body dies, what remains alive will know that it is the only part that was, and still is a reflection of truth, i.e. made in the image of God. Untruth is what forms and grows like a cancer. It blocks the light of truth i.e. the “person” we call our Conscience.

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