What is the “Holomorphic Process” and why is it important?

Updated 9/26/2020

The idea of a holographic universe (or holomovement) as proposed by David Bohm  and supported by others (Talbot 1991), (t Hooft 2000), (Suskind 1995), (Bekenstein 2003), (Sutter 2018), (Afshordi, et al. 2017) is gaining ground with recent observational tests of holographic cosmology (Afshordi, et al. 2017). To me, this is a pretty exciting concept because it seems to provide a sensible, meaningful way of bridging science and spirituality. The old saying, “I am a spiritual Being having a human experience” makes a lot of sense, even from a scientific perspective, if the human body is actually a holographic projection. But there are some important questions that need to be answered.

The “holographic principle” was inspired by black hole thermodynamics and is interpreted to mean that the holographic surface is either on the surface of a gigantic black hole or the outer surface of the universe. (Suskind 1995) But if that’s the case, how did it get there and how does it get projected?

If we can answer that question, perhaps we can answer the eternal question, “What am I?” Notice that the question is not “Who or what projected it?” because that assumes there is a “who” or “what” that is out there beyond the projection. “How did it get there” implies a process. If we want to understand what we are (and some people actually do) we need to understand the process similar to the way biologists understand life as a process in terms of cell division.

The “holomorphic process” is the name of a model, which I submit answers the question, “What am I?” I am part of the exact same process that creates the universe in the form of a physical holomorphic projection and then reflects upon itself to find itself. By doing so, it answers the question, “What am I?” and then projects itself again and repeats the process in an infinite loop. The model is very simple, but my understanding of it has grown out of nearly 30 years of processing my own physical, mental, spiritual and emotional life. When I say “processing” I mean projecting and reflecting.  These are the two central components of the holomorphic process. As a continuous process, it has an apparent beginning point, called separation, and end point called reunification. These endpoints are apparent because they appear (like an awakening of senses like sight) as a result of participating in the process. In the circular form of the model they would be the same point, so the holomorphic process must be modeled as an ever-increasing spiral of evolution or rather “convolution” because the reunification shapes whatever form or “body” that participates in the process. But I’m getting ahead of myself

If physical reality is a hologram (i.e. a physical object is a holographic projection) then:

1) Where or what is the holographic plate? Projecting a holographic image requires some kind of surface that  has “fringes”, which store the interference patterns produced by two coherent lasers when the “print” (like a holographic plate) was made.

The holomorphic process hypothesizes* that there is no plate, but rather, that every quantum particle is itself an embodiment of spacetime duality and plays the role of both fringe and projected “image”.  In other words, every moment in spacetime is captured as an “event particle” that, at the most fundamental level (one cycle, modeled as a string in String Theory) is what we call a quantum particle. The term “event particle” is from Alfred North Whitehead’s process philosophy.

*Note that I don’t pretend that it has been verified by the rigors of the scientific process, but I present it as a hypothesis worthy of scientific research.

2) Why is physical matter solid rather than ethereal?

Simply put, as a sub-atomic particle model, the cycles are vibrations that spin energy into a sphere and so the spin creates a duality that separates the particle from everything else that is “not-the-particle”. And the content of information that makes the event particle defines what type of particle will form. An event could be like a nuclear reaction or high energy collision and these types of events were used to develop The Standard Model of Particle Physics, which lists all of the different, most fundamental types of particles discovered so far.

It is not necessary to understand all of the physics to understand the holomorphic process, and if you don’t like physics, you might want to jump to the next question below. But for those who understand the language and are interested, I have shown in my paper, The Holomorphic Process. Understanding the Holographic Nature of Reality as a Metamorphic Process (Archives of Physics Research 9, no. 2 (2018): 17-44) that the process approach correlates with the quantum model as well as classical electromagnetic theory and attributes the vector curl to the formation of solid boundaries. Basically, I submit that any linear motion, which is what you do when you move your body, creates spin in the field (“not-the-body”) about all of the quantum particles in the body. This is similar to the well known phenomenon called pair production in which a particle-antiparticle are created during high-energy interactions and then annihilate each other to form a pair of photons – radiant energy. But for this low energy motion, the pair is what we commonly call units of space and units of time. In other words, motion, which is ubiquitous, creates the apparent passage of time. The inherent motion of space and the apparent motion of time act as pairs of coherent waves that serve as “the source” of a holographic projection. They split the undifferentiated field into two dimensions – each a reflection of the other – modelled as energy spinning in opposite directions, which gives them different measurable characteristics (like + and – charge). Rather than annihilate, they reunite and join forces as a distinct and substantial field of acceleration, which is what we call “mass”. By “field of acceleration” I mean that the whole of spacetime is modeled as a field and these bits of “mass” warp of put a dent in the field so that other bits of mass tend to “accelerate” towards each other into each other’s dent. That’s what we call gravity.

3) How does this translate into the answer to the question “What am I?”

Answer: I am part of the holomorphic process that is an apparently separate. And because the step that follows separation in the process is projection, my body is the projection. And what I call my mind is the reflection. Every reunification is a cognition and if it matches a cognition that has already taken shape in my mind, it is a re-cognition. I call that event, when reunification transforms undifferentiated energy into a spinning particle or convolves with a previous event to give it more clarity, Holomorphosis – a contraction of holotropic metamorphosis. “Holotropic” is a relatively new word that means “oriented or moving toward wholeness”. It was coined by psychiatrist Stanislav Grof in his book, The Holotropic Mind: the three levels of human consciousness and how they shape our lives, to introduce a new paradigm in psychology that compares the brain to a holographic film and consciousness to holographic images. The suffix ‘tropic’ means turning or changing yet remaining relatively constant. So to say that the mind is holotropic means that it can be modeled as a holographic image made up of turning (or spinning into a particle form) bits of information that changes yet remains relatively constant with respect to what is actually unchanging (implicit truth).

You don’t need to understand the physics because you are experiencing holomorphosis right now as you read this description. In essence, a description or definition puts a spin on a “unit word”, which is just a bunch of letters that are themselves just symbols, so that it holds the information in your sphere of knowledge, which is your part of mankind’s sphere of knowledge. And mankind’s sphere of knowledge is part of the infinite sphere of unknown (physicists call that “dark energy”). The definition of a word is therefore enfolded within the symbols that make the word. Yet the meaning is implicated or implied (conveyed indirectly rather than being stated explicitly). And when you see it explicitly projected on paper or a screen, or hear it explicitly stated in words, that meaning is unfolded or explicated in your mind. Again, nothing happens to the word, letters or symbols when you read it. Everything happens in your mind.

4) How can the holomorphic process help to understand the physics behind mind-body relationship?

The holomorphic process {separation-projection-reflection-reunification} simultaneously transforms undifferentiated energy into pairs of opposites that morph into the quantum particles, AND transforms the same opposites into the non-physical projector-reflector pair that we perceive as the “knowing self” and “thinking self”. When we think of the particle model at the quantum level, we don’t think in terms of one particle “perceiving” anything, but when it has an apparent opposite (like “the particle” and “not-the-particle”) just because it appears to be separate, it effectively reflects upon its opposite and “realizes itself” as an apparent duality.

Relative motion, which is ubiquitous and perpetual, provides all that is needed to perceive the energy as “separated” and “projected”. We think of light as being separate from matter. But light that is reflected off of any projection (physical substance) is the reflection that other particles “see”. The light is “shaped” by the physical characteristics of the substance (like size, physical shape, color, etc.). We call those characteristics forms of information and when the information in that reflection is received by another projection, the information is induced into it. That induction of information (reunification) convolves with the information that has already shaped the receiving body, further defining its shape and apparent separateness. As long as there is light, including light that we can’t see with our eyes, the process is continuous.

5) How can we use the holomorphic process to help us shape the world?

If my approach is correct, I think that it will answer some of the most important questions in science (and religion for those who dare to ask). It will provide an intelligent, rational perspective of the process and a visual model for understanding how we evolve from formless energy into virtual beings of awareness. In the discussion page, I discuss how it can be used by those who are not immune to the virus to transform their cells so that they do not allow the virus to enter, making them immune.

I started this website in hopes that the younger generation would discover it and recognize the clear parallels between the holomorphic process and the theme of most video games that I know of. I hope that they will accept the challenge and want to take this idea to the next level. That “next level” is to realize that life is the eternal process of transformation and every person is a part of the process that leads to the collective metamorphosis. I submit that the Theory of Evolution should be revised and renamed to the Theory of Convolution, that study of genetics should include holomorphosis as the internal process that shapes biological elements in the genes. And for those who relate to the name of “God” as a person, I submit that the biblical account of Genesis should be reinterpreted as “Hologenesis” – a story that includes “God” as the ever-present, unchanging implicit Truth.


Keep in mind that it is a work in progress. I have been consciously working on it since 1992, when I had a profound, transformational, out-of-body experience that flipped my world inside out. I believe that I had that experience because I have always wanted to know the truth about everything and I was seeking Truth during meditation. I already knew that truth is the only thing that is true (duh!) but I wanted to be able to answer the question, “What am I?” in a way that I could understand and express in scientific terms. That’s why I became a scientist in the first place. But I had, and still have tremendous respect for science, so I went back to school to get my masters degree in physics, which led me to reactivate my commission in the US Navy, which led me back to graduate school for my Ph. D. in Medical Physics and my MA in Social Science (National security and strategic studies). It also gave me experience in personnel management and leadership as well as clinical experience as a healthcare provider in radiation oncology. Finally, as I approached my retirement (in 2014) I began to have more awakening experiences that were not as earth-shattering as before, but they were new insights that continued to shape my interpretation and methods of expression. But they came as visions that had to be translated into scientific models that need to be proven. That is when I started trying to spell them out and publish them in terms of physics and philosophy.

The bottom line, the endpoint that I arrived at after nearly 30 years of processing, is exactly same as the point where I began. The point it, Truth is the only thing that is true!  But now, that has much more profound meaning to me than when I started this journey. Now I can express it as a LAW in the same way as the Law of Conservation of Energy:

The Law of Conservation of Truth: Truth can neither be created nor destroyed, but only changed in form.

The holomorphic process is the process by which it, in the form of spacetime, implicit Truth changes itself into explicit physical form (an apparent state of separateness: projections of truth in bits of mass that move through space and time) and eventually into a unified, ethereal form. That “ethereal form” is what we call Spirit. It is a process and it takes time to allow the physical for to shape the mind every micro-moment of every day. Then, it automatically reshapes our bodies at the cellular level to heal us while we sleep. We wake up every day to a new cycle and convolve into better versions of our “self”. We mature and play the role that corresponds to our level of maturity. At each macro-level of holomorphosis, we transform from child, to young adult, to midlife adult, and to elder in accordance with the four steps of the holomorphic process. As a result, we grow in our awareness, we gain more control over our projection.

But there’s a catch. As we grow in our awareness, and gain more control over our “factual” outward projection, we recognize that we do in fact have free will: we are more able to choose whether or not we want to “look at our reflection” or listen to our conscience. Tragically, if we “stick with the facts” and refuse to listen to our conscience, we are able to effectively block it out. But in doing so, we remain facing “outward” in the holomorphic process and identify with our projection and lose the natural flow that makes us convolve. We only fool ourselves because the process does not stop and we get “left behind” what would be the natural progression. Rather than becoming fused with our mind, we become confused as our world begins to unravel.

As a mental equivalent of a DNA molecule, the string of information that was being induced in our mind that would have reshaped into “circular” quantum bits as a result of reflection and reunification, get strung out in a linear shape that has gotten all tangled up. It becomes unstable and begins to unravel just like a DNA molecule. Then it participates in the process by separating and projecting its characteristics (projecting in this sense means that it has characteristics like polarity so physical forces produced by electric fields are at play) to “look for” and be attracted to its own reflection. Am I still talking about the mental equivalent of DNA base pairs? No! Remember? This only happens if you identified with your body rather than yourself as a whole person. The base pairs of your actual DNA strands look only for their partners and then reunification means that you end the cycle as the same unconvolved person as when the cycle started. Your physical body and your mental body (your ego) grow and evolve, meaning change, but your conscience fails to reshape or grow to the next level. So you evolve into something that is not in harmony with the natural process that sustains and transforms life. Rather than having increased awareness, which would have naturally given you even more control over your projection, you only increase your identification with your body. So your whole attitude (meaning direction of your mind) is facing in the wrong direction in the holomorphic process. Rather than becoming a harmonious projection of Truth, in sync with life and your society (assuming your local society is in sync), you are becoming something else, perhaps a “dead beat”. This whole drama can be extended to the collective consciousness of society, with your local society playing the role of the individual and individual members playing the role of cells.


Thanks to the current pandemic, there should be plenty of data to conduct epidemiological studies and provide living proof of how well this theory works to model reality. It will help us better understand and control the coronavirus or at least our response to it and other viruses that are sure to show up later, if we continue “spinning the truth” the way we do.


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