My Personal Declaration of Independence and a Proposed Solution to the Major Problems Faced by America

Sept 21, 2021

Introduction and Basis

It was called “the American experiment” in an article published on November 27, 1860 in the New York Daily Tribune[i]. One hundred years later, in 1960 when I was born, as one of the last of the Baby Boomer generation, the end of World War II was a childhood memory for the young adults raising their children and World War I was practically ancient history. By then Americans had finished celebrating the end of the war and the economic boom that they had enjoyed under the conservative leadership of Eisenhower during the 1950s. Civic order was established and in 1961 President Kennedy took office and promised to lead America to great new heights of success. America was in the flow, life was good and the American experiment appeared to be a great success. At that time, a new Awakening period was underway and the future looked very bright for most of the entire world. However, a pattern that has been identified by historians as a set of Four Turnings[ii] was being repeated.

The pattern describe as the Four Turnings is very important to be aware of, first because it accurately predicted the recent Unraveling and current Crisis in America. More importantly, the attitudinal characteristics of all four “Turnings” match the four qualitative phases of a model called the holomorphic process model, which was originally created to provide a systems approach to understanding quantum physics. The same model was also found to serve as a model for the metamorphic nature of the life process.[iii] However, by comparing the direction of the Turnings with the direction of the holomorphic process model, it becomes clear that society has been operating in a way that tries to run in the opposite direction as nature. This is the basis for my personal Declaration of Independence and it provides the basis for the proposed solution to our current problems.


The Four-Turnings cycle begins with a Crisis, followed by a celebration period called the High. After the last major Crisis, most people spent their time celebrating, but the battle-hardened Hero generation remained hard at work building establishments that were supposed to prevent another Unraveling period like the one they had witnessed prior to the Crisis. However, their children, who became known as the Artist generation, were children during the Crisis, and young adults during the High. Their children spent their childhood during the High with no memory of the Crisis and little or no concern for survival.  They were called the Prophet generation and the era during which they were adults was called the Awakening.

Keep in mind that these archetypal labels don’t fit everyone. If you were taught principle-centered values, then you probably typecast as a Hero. So the following discussion is meant as a generalization.

Children of the Prophet generation grew up in a peaceful word, surrounded by the artistic expressions of their parents’ generation, and were free to expand their spiritual awareness. Their parents, the Artists, worked hard to shield all children from the realities and horrors of the Crisis because they wanted to forget them as well. Therefore, the Prophets were not required to reflect on the underlying cause of the Crisis, which was always an attack on someone’s freedom. As a result, the Prophets didn’t teach their children, called the Nomad generation, to cherish and protect their fundamental freedom or to appreciate the value of standing up for the principle of truth, justice and the American way. Ironically, the Prophets grew up hearing that repeatedly as Superman’s motto, but apparently the message they received was that fighting crime and injustice was the responsibility of superheroes and not them.

Their children, the Nomads, watched “Super Friends” who emphasized friendship and teamwork and the “Wonder Twins”, who could shapeshift into almost anything they wanted. Surely the intention was good – to teach the power of synergy – but they were children and just like the Prophet children, they interpreted it as meaning there is someone else out there who will take the responsibility to defend freedom. Even worse, the intended lesson symbolized as “shapeshifting” may have been about the potential to become something great, but they interpreted it as meaning they can pretend to be something other than their true selves. If “all men are created equal” then they can be it, like magic, without having to do anything to develop the necessary qualifications[iv].

As a result, the Nomads had no sense of the extreme importance of truth or of having to work hard to hold onto freedom. They took it for granted as a right and didn’t learn to appreciate the Constitution as a sacred model worth defending against all enemies foreign or domestic. These were the key factors that led to the next Unraveling and the current Crisis.

The Nomad generation – the generation of people who are now at the top levels of our government – is just like the Lost generation – the people who were in the leadership positions during the previous Unraveling. That seems to point a finger of blame, but the Unraveling is not really their fault; it’s clearly the predictable result of the fact that people forget or choose to ignore the fact that freedom must be continuously worked for, the Constitution must be staunchly defended and the truth must be faithfully reflected on.

Before the end of the 1990s, no one knew about the Four Turnings. The systems view of life slowly began to impress scientists only after mathematicians got a handle on Complexity Theory during the 1990s and I am still trying to bring attention to the holomorphic process model, which is very simply a four-step process model expressed as a cycle of separation, projection, reflection and reintegration. My hope is that it will provide a very clear and specific roadmap or directional template that leaders and managers can use to assist in decision-making and teachers can use to illustrate how attitude translates into direction. Most importantly, it illustrates how actions that are not centered on truth produce a back-projection instead of a reflection and how that will inevitably lead to unravelings and crises. 

They may have been reflecting on spirituality as young adults, but today, most Prophets realize that their intentions were misinterpreted. Until the Crisis became impossible to ignore, we were all distracted by the wonderful products of the process, like the beautiful artwork and awesome new technologies. Now we realize how important it is to reestablish the focus on freedom. These labels don’t fit all Gen-Xers (A. K. A. “13ers”) but in general the Nomads didn’t learn about or recognize the value of truth-centered and freedom-based establishments. So just like the Lost generation, they have been trying to break down the establishments that had formed the structure of the Republic. They wanted to be somebody special in life, so as “shapeshifters” they took positions in the establishments and were granted authorities without having to do anything to prove they had the right qualifications.

Those in society who recognized and held onto those values recognized the structured Republic as a reflection of those values, but they were tagged as deplorable Republicans – as conservatives who wanted to preserve the broken system. The system wasn’t broken, but it was easy to convince people that it was. Rather than reflecting on the truth, that the root cause of problem was that they had loss their base of Freedom centered on Truth, everyone was back-projecting the problems onto the establishment. As expected, and clearly predicted by the cycle of the Four Turnings, their reactions led to an Unraveling of our establishments and now the world is facing a new and different kind of Crisis.

Today, many would say that the American experiment has failed. They would say that despite all the lives that had been sacrificed to preserve freedom and the American way of life, power-hungry politicians have succeeded in turning America into a Tyranny. They may be right, but as an individual who served for 30 years in the defense of Freedom as a US Naval Officer and never lost sight of the fundamental principle of Truth, I am certain that there is still hope for the world if we as independent people come together at the center of the Holomorphic Circle and stand on the common ground we know as Truth and enjoy as Freedom.

Projection of the next phase

I refer to the Holomorphic Circle because the four phases of the circular model of the holomorphic process can be shown to correlate with emotional or conscious qualities that mirror the Four Turnings. Starting with Awakening, the four historical Turnings are Awakening, Unraveling, Crisis and High. The four steps in the Holomorphic process (Separation, Projection, Reflection and Reintegration) correspond to Awakening, High, Challenge (rather than crisis) and Unwinding (rest rather than unraveling). Notice that the conscious qualities of the holomorphic process follow the reverse order of the Four Turnings because Awakening is followed by High rather than Unraveling.

By understanding and following the Holomorphic process in our lives, we can turn things around for society from the inside out. To start with, it is critically important to recognize and accept the current Crisis as a Challenge and be willing and able to do whatever we can as Independent Americans to raise the B. S. flag on all the lies and misdirection that politicians use and Stop the current grabs for power. Collectively, we are the new Hero generation. 

The Turning Point

The American experiment is still in progress. We are simply ready to move on to the next phase, and there are much greater successes to come if we succeed[v]. There is plenty of evidence to support the proof of concept – the concept that freedom and the American way works for the benefit and betterment of society as a whole. By “American way” I mean the established governmental structure, which is a partly democratic republic, established by our founders. It was designed and built to be used to govern, mostly at the local level, in ways that minimally restrict the freedom of people to act the way they feel is best for them as individual contributing members of their communities. Clearly, the root cause is federal government overreach because it not only restricts us as individuals, it restricts and even lames the function of local governors.

The American way is not about having total freedom, but it is centered on truth and freedom revolves around that center. It is fundamentally conservative because it reflects the law of Nature, i.e. the conservation of energy, yet it is also progressive and creative because it allows for natural transformation and growth. The Republic, formally described by the United States Constitution provides a nucleus for the natural growth process to mature and produce progressively higher levels of freedom. It took nearly 150 years for America leaders to grow in awareness that “all men are created equal” means all people regardless of race, creed, color or gender. Today’s federal government is no longer a lean Republic because it so covered up with excess fat that is can no longer function.

The core Republic is sufficient, efficient and highly effective. It can be framed as a self-regulating closed-loop feedback system, which can be well understood in terms of proven engineering principles. In its lean form it operated as designed and its effectiveness can be expressed in the spirit of Steven Covey’s seven-habit model (see endnote)[vi] as follows: America’s Declaration of Independence marked a “Private Victory” for Mankind, and in our very short history, there have been billions of people and freedom-led organizations, including governmental organizations like the military that synergize. They achieved our “Public Victory” and proved the power of Interdependence.

Tragically, America split into two groups in 1861 and fought a bloody Civil War in order to advance to the next level of freedom for people who had remained in the bonds of slavery. There is nothing civil about war, but as evidence of the power of freedom, it won in 1865 when the Thirteenth Amendment of Constitution abolished slavery. That was only one generation after the Declaration of Independence. It took another 55 years, but in 1920, women raised the flag of freedom, rang the Liberty Bell, demonstrated how to be civil and won their freedom as well. Fortunately, our leaders had grown in awareness of truth and rather than bloody war, the fight for freedom was won by mostly peaceful protest.

Sadly, our government has become extremely fat and the two parties have become co-dependent on each other. Rather than thinking win/win, they only think win/lose. As a result, the winning side of every election cycle has been methodically forcing us back down to the bottom of Covey’s Maturity Continuum into a state of Dependence. That is what has set us up to be a target for destruction because we are losing our power of freedom.

We are now at the critical point in the process where we all must declare personal independence and take the responsibility to be proactive. Freedom is the end we have in mind and the first thing to put first is Truth. As Independent individuals centered on truth, which the founding fathers had characterized by the name of “Providence” and “Nature’s God”, the American experiment has proven to be a highly effective process and a huge success.

Tragically, most young and mid-life adults today were taught to focus on the products of the process rather than the process itself. They humanized and thus minimized the concept of Nature’s God, identified themselves as dependent members of a controlling society, and lost sight of meaning in life. As a result, fathers and mothers of American society[vii] have become reactive and co-dependent rather than proactive and interdependent.

Reflection on the process

Albert Einstein was part of a Hero generation that understood Nature’s God and reflected the light of truth on what they thought they knew in science and started an intellectual revolution in science based on a quantum process model (a particular unit that qualifies as a cyclic wave function). He once said that religion without science is blind and science without religion is lame. America is becoming both blind and lame because the people in positions of authority have rejected Nature’s God, they ignore the lessons of history and support brain-washing rather than education, they ignore the unbiased results of rigorous scientific testing and use only data that supports their agenda as a weapon against their own people.

Truth in science is revealed in the evidence of nature and anyone who has studied the new science of Biomimicry knows that all life is proactive and interdependent. The holomorphic process is a systems model of the life process – a closed-loop cyclic process of projection and reflection that results in a nested structure kept lean by maintaining internal order during each phase. Each new phase embraces and captures the parts of the old phase that have proven to be true and rejects any unproven as waste. In other words, it revolves around a central principle, it separates and projects for the first half of the cycle, and then reflects on truth and holds itself accountable for failing to monitor its own bodily functions.

Recent presidents may have been great at managing and projecting power but they have proven to be unqualified to reflect on Truth and lead our country to the next level of reintegration. They did not reflect on the truth of freedom as our fundamental principle and were thus unable to recognize it as the very heart of America. Yet they were given authority vested in the position so they made things up as they went without understanding the process. At some point, they no longer cared about what is actually True. They only cared about separating the people and projecting their own agenda. As a result, America as an organism has been feeding on its own toxic waste. Terrorists have not been elevated to our level; we have reduced ourselves to their level. The crap they feed us is Nature’s way of making us put our money where our mouth is.

Unfortunately, the members of the two primary political parties have made it nearly impossible for individual citizens to be proactive and interdependent. Each time a power over the people switches from one party to the other, the government increases the number, style and complexity of the law. This provides them with greater potential to use force to further restrict our freedoms and to control the outcome of elections. At the same time, they pit us against each other and skillfully use us as ideological soldiers in their armies.

All of the tactics that our leaders use to increase their power are clear echoes of the “repeated injuries and usurpations” that our founders listed in the American Declaration of Independence to identify how the King of Britain had used similar tactics for the “establishment of an absolute Tyranny”. When viewed in the light of understanding the holomorphic process, it is very evident that rather than reflecting on freedom when they make new laws, they are back-projecting in an attempt to hold onto their power.

Reunification by a peaceful revolution centered on Truth and Freedom

We can change the way we change by first realizing that we are all fundamentally free humans; we are not Republicans or Democrats. A Republic refers to the structure of government, the body in the American Body/Mind system, and Democracy refers to the Mind or Spirit of freedom: the process by which we the people make our voices heard. The Body is trying in vain to establish order by force, but the Spirit will prevail simply by embracing Nature’s God, which is centered on truth and freedom. The same process is expressed in the science of Complexity Theory as the transformation of chaos into order and we are quickly approaching a critical point of separation called bifurcation.

In order for a society to remain alive, it must follow the holomorphic process to its completion. The progressive party represents the first half (progression by separation and projection) and the conservative party represents the second half (preservation of what works by reflection and reintegration). With that understanding, it would be very easy for both parties to take a step outside of the circle and come up with win/win solutions by agreeing to focus on leaning up the Republican structure of the government while ensuring that it supports the Democratic flow of the process. Rather than competing for dominance of a party, they should focus on peaceful human dominance of the world by free Independent-Human civilizations. The Congress should be balanced, with an equal number of representatives and the office of President should alternate as necessary based on feedback from the people, even if that means alternating every cycle. That way the people don’t have to choose Republican or Democrat candidates. We would all be Independent Voters, free to analyze whether we need to clean up, lean up and restore the integrity of the Republic or if we are ready to progress to the next level. Then we can analyze candidates based on their performance and vote for the person who has proven to be the most qualified.

There is a theory of evolution called Hologenesis that was proposed around 1900. At that time it was ignored because it didn’t fit the limited models of reality. However, upon reflection, in the light of our advanced understanding of quantum physics, bioemulation of symbiotic systems, and realization of the holomorphic process, that proposed theory reflects what we know now to be true. According to that theory, evolution proceeds in phases and species split into two subgroups. One continues to live and thrive while the other one dies out. It is evident to most people that the human race is about to split into two subgroups: those who love and live by truth and natural laws, and those who use lies, deceit, and unnatural laws to force others into submission in order to maintain their power. Our elected officials are not the enemy. They, and all government employees, are our brothers and sisters and most of them have simply been tricked into supporting the few “elites” who hide behind the top levels of government.

We are all tricked into believing that those who get elected are actually in charge. They are not; they are charged and polarized but they are not in charge. They are used to charge the rest of us by making us believe that “our side” is all positive and the “other side” is all negative. By reflecting on our true selves we will see that there is positive and negative in both sides of every issue and if we focus on the principle of freedom, we can declare our Independence, we can think Win/Win, Seek first to understand others and then to be understood, and Synergize to achieve the Public Victory that our founders envisioned. Without getting hung up on the name, we can all say it together with our own personal biases but from our common center of Truth: Although Man tried to damn us, God has Blessed America.


[i] See The American Experiment at

[ii] See The Fourth Turning, What The Cycles of History Tell Us About America’s Next Rendezvous with Destiny, by William Strauss and Neil Howe (1998)

[iii] See The Holomorphic Process-Understanding The Holographic Nature Of Reality as a Metamorphic Process; Archives Of Physics Research (2018): Volume 9, Issue 2, pg 17-44 at

[iv] This is reflected in the way the Army’s recruiting slogan, which had been “Be all that you can be” for over 20 years, from 1980-2001, changed to “Army of One” (2001-2006), then “Army strong” (2006-2018) to “Warriors wanted” for just a minute and finally “What’s your warrior?” from 2019 until now. Really?? What does that even mean???

[v] Renewing the American Experiment  by David Korten at

[vi] The first three habits are Be Proactive; Begin with the end in mind; and Put first things first. Mastery of these three habits is called a Private Victory because it releases one from the state of Dependence. The second three habits can only be mastered by Independent people and when they are mastered, it is a Public Victory. They are Think win/win; Seek first to understand others and then be understood; and Synergize. The seventh habit is what Covey calls “Sharpen the saw” and it is the extremely important act associated with “Reflection” in the holomorphic process.

[vii] By fathers and mothers of society I am referring to government leaders and managers as well as individual parents who are supposed to play the roles of family leader and manager.

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