Holomorphosis and the Hologenetic Universe

I’ve been working on a couple of books simultaneously and have a pretty good first draft of this one, entitled Holomorphosis and the Hologenetic Universe. The following is a brief summary and goals FYI.

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Summary and Goals:

We are still the United States of America, but we are clearly on a collision course with disaster. It is a point of calcination and it will result in the same dissolution process that completely fragmented the USSR. This book is the culmination of a thirty-year personal study of life and consciousness.

The first goal of this book is to communicate what the author has discovered about the life process ­– that life is the process responsible for transforming seemingly separate pieces of matter into a self-organizing living system and that the life process can be understood as a simple closed-loop system. He breaks down this closed loop into four words that express both qualitative and qualitative aspects and by doing so, the four words imply eight words. The reason for doing this is to illustrate how the first word, “process” was separated, first by the author into four and then by the implicit process that the reader participated in. This is the first illustration of the life process and it continues in a way that gives it implicit shape as a dynamic pattern of energy. This form of energy is exactly the same form as kinetic energy and as the author explains, according to the conservation of energy, it can be transformed into potential energy, which is related to attraction and repulsion of physical particles. If the closed loop is envisioned as a single cell, it is easy to see how this can be the same process that plays out in the dramatic process of cell division and differentiation. However, this is just the first half of the cycle.

The second goal is to bring the reader to a point of closure in order to give the process meaning that can then be directly related to what is happening to our society. He uses the closed-loop model to explain how we jump to a conclusion at the point of differentiation and accept the fragmented product, which is only the first half of the cycle.  He explains that this is what we are in the habit of doing and why it is critically important not to ignore the second half. A living cell is not four or eight or 16 individual cells. In a living cell, the individual parts are instantly and automatically reintegrated into a whole and the new version of the cell is greater than the sum of the parts because it is a reflection of the process. The author calls that process the Holomorphic Process and the critical point of reunification is what he calls Holomorphosis.

The author had an amazing experience in 1992 that some would call a come-to-Jesus moment or perhaps an out-of-body experience (OBE). As a young scientist, (32 years old) with degrees in physics and electrical engineering and six years of intense professional experience as a nuclear submariner at the time of that OBE, he characterized it as an awakening to the reality of what he is and what all people are. What are we? We are seemingly separate and individual parts of a universal eternal process. If we give the process a name, we think of it as something explicit that can be envisioned as something separate from everything else and that is the first step of the holomorphic process: “Separation”. If we then say that name and project it in any form of expression, then someone else can receive that projection. “Projection” is the second step of the process. Notice that the word “project” implied a qualitative action and “the projection” implies a quantitative “thing”. This is important to recognize as an internal separation that happens inside the loop. It is what separates our awareness of both a physical and mental reality as seemingly separate realms of reality projected away from each other. This is the third goal of this book.

Again, we just jumped to a conclusion at the first half of the cycle. The second half starts by recognizing that the projection itself is a reflection of the process. Once we realize that we can see the entire physical world as a holomorphic projection that must be used as a mirror and when we reflect upon it, the process automatically transfers our point of consciousness to the center of the closed loop. When that happens, we experience a tremendous unity with… If we give it a name, the process starts over again and we pop right back outside of our true self.

The fourth goal starts with relating this process to the formation of America and relating what happens when people stop in the middle of the cycle and back-project (a backwards jump to the conclusion). In social terms, back-projection means to close oneself inside of a particular social group, organization or “organ”. It locks you in as an “insider” and locks other people out, increasing the perception of separateness.  Because different organs have different characteristics, they cannot fully reintegrate without reflecting on their true nature as one (one country for example or one species). The hope is that by understanding this, people will understand that in order for America to become whole, which is the ultimate goal, it will be necessary for everyone to let go of their biases and reflect on truth, that we are all one species, one planet or even one rose, which by any other name smells as sweet.