A piece of my heart goes to Greta Thunberg

If you haven’t seen or heard about Greta Thunberg, I ask that you start with her talk at TEDx and then watch her “scathing speech” at the United Nations Climate Action Summit. I have been much like her in that I couldn’t believe that there was a climate crisis because if it were true, then surely all of the really “good” and smart people in the world would make sure that we all knew about it and that we were all doing something significant about it, and not just giving it lip service.

Now I am an elder, so it is much easier for me to look calmly at it and to say with confidence that it is all part of the cycle of life, the holomorphic process, which absolutely hinges on crises like this in order to swing people into action. And that, I think is why most of the other elders don’t seem to be giving it the appropriate level of response. But she, and all of you young “wizards” out there (I explain “wizards” in my response below), are in the position to see the urgency to take action as “movers and shakers” (or “Beaters and Chasers”) because if you don’t, this crisis will hit you very hard in your lifetime. It is one that you can see coming and the last thing you want to do is to let it happen and then look back to realize that you, as a seemingly insignificant adolescent, could have done SOMETHING to help prevent it.

Holomorphosis: The Magic Word

I am an old wizard and my advice to you is to start by looking at yourself in the mirror and saying the word (and having an understanding of) holomorphosis. Consider it a magic word if you like, but understand that it is the miraculous process that we are all part of. The physical world as we see it with our physical eyes is only the holographic projection. When you look at yourself in the mind’s mirror with your mind’s eye, you either see the masks that you have created (like most adults do today) or you see your own Spirit of Truth, which you continuously create when you live in truth and allow it to transform itself into wisdom. That part of you is what communicates with Mother Earth when you are in harmony with the holomorphic process.

When you say “the magic words” (whatever it is that you say to make change in the world) with heart (sincerity), you transform dark energy into vibrations that manifest as quantum bits of energy that form physical reality and make things happen. Millions of us have been doing it (some call it prayer) but there is a competition going on. The tragic irony is that people with selfish agendas can also transform energy even though it is not in harmony with the life process. So we need more players, i.e. people who know how to “play the game” of life on the side of truth. You are at the “train platform” and once you pass through the gate and board the train to “Hogwarts”, you will learn what to do to discover your role .

The solution to the climate crisis is much simpler than you might think. Please read my post on Greta’s Facebook page below:

Thank you Greta. As I learn more about you, and about the physics of consciousness, I gain more insight into the concept of “old soul”. I realize that we who care about truth and accept the challenge – to take action so that we can “look ourselves in the mirror” as you said – are the ones who accept the “Spirit of Truth”, thereby gaining the $wisdom$ (the only thing of real value) and wake up in a new body. That is the underlying message of the Harry Potter myths; we eventually realize (sometimes through Asperger, meditation or “Hogwarts”) that we are wizards (wise-ards) – the embodiments of Truth. Too many people play the role of “Muggles” who accept the **crap** that they call “real life” and then try to give you **crap** about following your heart. Others play the role of “Voldemort” or “Quirrell”. They either fight against you or don’t even accept the challenge (metaphorically the game of “Quidditch” i.e. evolution of consciousness via physical journey in the womb of Mother Earth). We who acknowledge only truth realize that we have the power to,  and will, win the competition and thus save the world. As an elder physicist of Danish descent, I have been a “Seeker” going after the “Golden Snitch” for the last 30 years and I’m getting close to catching it (see my site at https://holomorphicprocess.com/). You seem to be either a “Chaser” or a “Beater” batting down the “Bludger”. And you probably know better than I (since I have been flying somewhat isolated in America) that there are a lot more wizards out there working with us. I know it can be exhausting, so I ask you to take a little piece of my heart. And I am asking everyone else to support us in this competition. To them I say, please realize that you too have the power to learn and face the truth in order to look yourself in the mirror. But as Professor Dumbledore warned, “The truth is a beautiful and terrible thing, and should therefore be treated with great caution.” If you choose to join us and find the “Sorcerer’s stone” you can only *find* it and never *use* it for your own agenda. The good news is, and here’s a secret… if you find it, you understand that there’s no need to use it as an “Elixir of Life” because you realize that life is already eternal. And that will bring you into the “Chamber of Secrets”. Make sure you are ready!

The real irony in life, the twist and the reason the hero always wins, is that the tragic irony I mentioned above (that people with selfish agendas can also transform energy, albeit out of harmony) produces physical structures that actually support the life process. So truth wins either way. It just takes a little longer, and requires more versions and sequels of the “Neverending Story” to reach the threshold, when the “upward” transformation process becomes “supercritical” (a nuclear power term that means exponentially increasing). Until then, we just have to stick with it and enjoy the game of life.


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