How to Become an Antibody for the Coronavirus via Holomorphosis


My sphere
This is a picture I submitted for an article I published on Oct 19, 2019 at long before there was any hint of the coronavirus in the news. It was used to illustrate what I saw in my vision in 1992, and to represent my life  as a large “event particle” filled with smaller “event light particles”.


This is a picture of a coronavirus. Notice how the “dark particles” pop out of the surface.

Written on Easter, April 12, 2020

Updated April 20, 2020

I never had a sense of urgency to get the holomorphic process theory out for scientific scrutiny the way I do now. Thanks to the current crisis – the pandemic that is the Novel Coronavirus or COVID – 19, I feel that I should do the best I can to present the theory to anyone who will listen, even if it doesn’t meet the level of scholarly refinement that I would prefer. That is because I have reason to believe that it will provide an important new perspective that is desperately needed in order to understand life, life forms and the root cause of many of humanity’s problems including viruses and antibodies. I also have reason to believe that it will provide a simple (harmless and free) way of healing and preventing future outbreaks. Keep in mind that it has not been rigorously tested and should be taken with a grain of salt. In fact, taking information with a grain of salt, i.e. challenging any theory, concept, rhetoric or spin to make sure that it is based in truth, is part of the solution that I am proposing.

Bottom line up front:

Hypothesis: A virus cell is a megabyte of information spun into microbial form by words (spoken or written) that do not reflect the truth. By combining quantum biology and medical physics with information technology and antivirus software, virus cells can be modeled and treated as a collection of quantum bits of information rather than products of nature. If this hypothesis is correct, then it might be possible, at least in principle, to synthesize the RNA molecules in a virtual space and study how it forms, interacts with human DNA and reacts when subjected to other molecules formed by words (spoken or written) that do reflect the truth.        The underlying basis for this idea is a theory called the holomorphic process – a concept that considers the process known as life as an actual reflection of truth (the vibrational energy of spacetime that interacts holographically with itself to form quantum event particles). If this concept is correct, then a human who is skilled at separating truth from untruth may be able to prevent the receptor proteins from opening when signaled by a virus. These hypothetical people, whose DNA molecules consist only of true event particles, would be human antibodies who might recognize and eliminate the root of virus production sources. In practical terms, they would be human lie detectors, which is what we normally expect from our judicial professionals.

This idea is not unreasonable when you consider that, if an individual human body dies after being exposed to the virus, it is not because the virus killed him or her; it’s because their body overreacted and shut down vital organs and functions. The COVID-19 pandemic provides epidemiological evidence that the collective human being is a megascopic reflection of the individuals, each of which is a macroscopic reflection of an individual cell, which is a physical reflection of the process that forms every quantum particle. As such, it serves as a demonstration of the holomorphic process theory.

Overreaction due to the fear of death is exactly what is happening at the macroscopic level and we fear death because we don’t understand what death is. If the government continues to require businesses, which are the vital organs and functions of our society, to remain shut down, our society will die. A vaccine may provide a temporary fix, but it may come too late and it will not help us produce antibodies for the next virus. According to the holomorphic process theory, every human that is a reflection of truth (most are not pure, but are close enough to sustain their own lives) can be an antibody for any virus that might affect the collective human being.


Quantum Medical Physics of Viruses

The purpose of this article is to explain how I perceive this to be true, based on quantum physics, and how every individual can serve to heal humanity. If the holomorphic process theory is a correct model, then everything in the universe is holographic in nature and we are individual units of a unified pattern of energy. At the smallest scale, every quantum particle is not just a particle, but a pattern of energy that presents its space-like “particulate face” to an observer when requested by the observer, and its time-like face “phantom face” when the observer allows for retrospect. That means that if you use instruments that detect any of the various characteristics (like momentum, charge, shape, color, etc.) that is what you will measure. And you will conclude that it is physical. But if you use instruments that detect vibrational characteristics and you are patient enough to allow these characteristics to develop over time (i.e. to mature), you will discover that the non-physical aspect of reality is just as real.

Most physicists have learned to say that observation “collapses the wave function” and some interpret that to mean observation actually brings the particle into existence. According to the holomorphic process theory, the measurement does not bring the particle into existence but rather it transforms our awareness of the energy by perceiving it as being separate from the background field and giving it a name. Even after being observed, a seemingly localized electron still has an electric field that extends outward in all directions. That field is literally part of the electron, but in order to understand how energy interacts with itself to form the astronomical variety of nature, we have to consider the particle as separate from the field. By doing so, the particle serves as a reflection of all electron characteristics.

That reflection of truth is imprinted as holographic fringes, like 1’s and 0’s in a computer, which form the image of a tiny particle named “electron” in our minds. The actual electron (the unified pattern of energy that formed the image) is not what was affected by our observation. It was the image, which formed in our minds. Similarly, using the words from process philosophy (see Alfred North Whitehead) the total cache of information that makes of the observation is called an “event particle”.

My theory is that these holographic fringes are formed in every cell of our body, just like the fringes are printed on every “cell” of a hologram, and each set of fringes form what we call genetic material that makes up DNA molecules. The fringes remain available for us to reform and project the event particle like an IMAX projection in inner-space, i.e. to recall it as a memory. This is effectively the same way a computer read-write memory works, except that the memories in our minds that are written over do not cease to exist. Instead, each new event expands our awareness (the “known universe”) and thereby creates inner-space – what we call “the past”. Information that is based on truth is said to “make sense” and according to my theory, it actually creates the sense of insight, i.e. opens the “mind’s eye”.

The thing about animals is that we have the ability to use vibrational energy to make sounds and thereby effectively synthesize particles. Keep in mind that the word “particle” is just a model. To use the model you have to imagine, for example, that a dog’s bark looks like a ball of energy – just like we imagine an electromagnetic wave (like light) is treated like a tiny ball of energy we call a photon or an electron (the difference between photons and electrons are beside the point). The scale is very different (a sound would make an enormous ball compared to an electron) but the process is the same. Each of these “sound particles” carries meaning and we have to learn that meaning or else we might suffer the consequences, like the pain of a dog bite.

The thing about humans is that we identify with the holographic image – the persona that we create in our minds – in order to survive and thrive among other humans. We call it our “self”; you think to your self and you might even talk to your self. And here is the clincher: if your self is not a reflection of truth, then you will not recognize non-truth and suffer the consequences. One consequence of creating or accepting non-truth is that the receptors in your cell membranes take the shape that allows the entry of a virus into your cells. (See Biologist Bruce Lipton’s book, The Biology of Belief)

The holomorphic process theory suggests that if you are a reflection of truth, and I mean down to every gene that you inherited from your ancestors, you will be immune to any and all viruses. If you are a reflection of truth, then you will understand your true self – including the field that extends outward from your body – and you will know that the event we call death is nothing more than a separation from your current level of life. Life is the eternal process (like a computer program) that looks like what we call biological cells at the macroscopic level but at the most fundamental level it looks like a simple vibration, string or loop.

Every phase of life is marked by a transformation and death is simply the side of that transformation that we see. Death is simply the separation of your holographic self from your body, which is the vibrational energy that had previously been perceived and observed as a collection of the tiny particles that made up the physical body.

The trouble with humans is a direct result of our ability to synthesize particles and then dress them up. By that I mean we invented words that carry meaning; that’s vibrational energy implicated with meaning. (See David Bohm’s Wholeness and the Implicate Order) And we use those words to communicate meaning and influence others. The trouble comes when we modulate and disguise these “light particles” (they are the light of truth at heart because actual vibrations form the words) with untruth and ignorance, making them “dark particles”. In other words, we lie or spin the truth for whatever reason to try and manipulate the life process for our own purposes. Because all real particles reveal their phantom face when allowed to mature, information that is fabricated, using real vibrational energy to communicate sentences that are not based on truth, creates a shadowy membrane around the surface, making it a dark event particle. A collection of dark event particles that use circular reasoning to form a dark molecule is theoretically what will become a virus.

That in itself is not the problem because without a base in truth, these dark particles simply remain as dark energy. If they are challenged and tested (at the quantum level, in a physics lab that means bombarding it with other particles), then the darkness will be knocked off and the light of truth will shine through. Notice that this suggests that darkness must be perceived as having substance that can shield light. For example, if a subatomic particle is hit by another particle in a magnetic field and it scatters in a curved path, then the truth about the particle will be revealed. We can deduce (know the truth about) its charge and mass characteristics. In effect, the particle is what it does and by observing what it does, the unknown (darkness or hidden truth) is transformed into the light of awareness.

The same would apply at the human level if people were honest with each other and recognized that truth is what it does – it lives. According to the holomorphic process theory, the word “truth” is the noun form of the living process. A “living word” means that a word carries the life process in its essence and a string of words that are combined to communicate truth expresses the life process. Compare that to gene expression. At the cellular level, the “words” are what we call genes and the life process is what we know as mitosis.

Again, the trouble comes when words are spun to form a web of deceit. That web of deceit forms a pattern of energy that looks very much like the truth. At the molecular level, it would look like a single strand of DNA. Why single strand? Because the first strand is the strand of particles formed by the true events and the second is the set of words that are a reflection of the truth. A strand that is synthesized by a shadow self does not reflect the truth so it has no reflection.

Reasonable evidence

It might seem ridiculous to think that that we can actually create viruses by telling a lie or series of lies. But not long ago, it was considered ridiculous to think that tiny particles called germs actually existed at all. In his book, The Scientific Attitude, Lee McIntyre described how medical professionals were extremely resistant to the idea, but eventually the evidence prevailed – that medical students who came directly from performing autopsies, with unwashed hands and instruments (remember that this was before antisepsis and the germ theory of disease), straight to the maternity ward – were transferring “cadaveric matter” to the pregnant women resulting in what was called childbed fever (also known as puerperal fever).[1]

Lying is a way of spinning information energy in such a way as to make self-referential loops of energy. For example, circular reasoning produces a loop of information energy. I can tell you “If I am correct then what I say is true – and – If what I say is true then I am correct.” The second statement is just the inverse of the first, but they refer to or point at each other, making them what I call “a true loop” –to illustrate how it is what it does.

Circular reasoning starts with first-order logic and alludes to truth by using the projection (if “A” is true, which is a projection that points at truth) followed by the supposed reflection (then “B”, which is deduced as a reflection pointing back from truth). I said supposed reflection because it can be done regardless of whether or not “B” is true. Then it connects the first projection-reflection loop with its own reflection by switching the A and B (making it second-order logic) as illustrated in Figure 1.



If_Then loop
Figure 1 Circular reasoning creates a vortex of self-reference. See “Circular arguments are perfectly valid” by Tim van der Zee


These loops of energy form dark particles if neither A nor B are true or if one is true yet the referral to the other is untrue. But on the surface, they may be indistinguishable from “true event particles” i.e. natural quantum particle-waves that make up real matter. They will interact with each other and form what appears to be a self-sustaining argument. Fortunately, if it is properly challenged then it will fall apart and the “test of time” will eventually dissolve the darkness.

If it is not challenged, the argument made out of dark event particles can interact with each other to form molecules very similar to natural elements and then form cells that mimic life. However, because they have no base in truth, which is the essence of life, they lack the dualistic nature that provides stability through self-reflection and reproducibility. They cannot survive on their own because they have no reflection and thus require a host from which to steal genetic material. They are not conscious so they don’t do this by intention. They do it simply by chance encounters with the right conditions, like magnets or electromotive forces that attract nucleotides toward each other. As I mentioned, they have no reflection; they are the quantum equivalent of the “living dead” that has been mythologized as zombies or blood-sucking vampires who have no reflection. In the myth, the only way to defeat a vampire is by pounding a stake into its heart. In reality, the stake to the heart is the simple truth.


Deconvolution of your Antibody

The most important difference between a living organism and a virus is that a living organism contains DNA, which is able to reproduce itself, whereas a virus contains RNA, which is not. The main reason living DNA is able to reproduce itself is because DNA is a double-stranded molecule, while RNA is single-stranded. The double strands are, figuratively, mirror images of each other with AT (adenine-thymine) as one object-image pair and GC (guanine-cytosine) as the other. I say they are figuratively mirror images to mean that one goes with the other like a negative charge goes with a positive charge or a shadow goes with the object casting the shadow.

Keep in mind that DNA and RNA molecules are quantum memory molecules made out of elements that are made out of quantum particles, which are made out of vibrational information energy. According to the holomorphic process theory, dark event particles can be synthesized by using information energy, e.g. by using words that have implicit meaning and sentences that pretend to communicate the truth but only include twists that point away from the truth. (Note that “pretend” is from Latin prae ‘before’ + tendere ‘stretch’, so the words represent truth but then people stretch the truth and spin it for their purposes).

Dark particles are what I hypothesize to make up what physicists call dark energy, which is an unknown form of energy that affects the universe on the largest scales. Supernovae measurements provided evidence that the expansion of the universe is accelerating but the reason for this is not know; so it was attributed to the unknown and named dark energy. Dark particles are simply quantum models of the unknown. Any unknown can be identified and given a name. Once it is named, it exists as a dark event particle and is available to be transformed into a light particle by challenging it and thereby revealing truth. Every theory in physics begins with a statement of assumptions, which are dark particles that are presented with the express intention of being challenged. It is only if they are allowed to form self-sustaining, self-motivated, selfish units, that dark particles become viruses (and daemons if you like).

The nucleus of a living cell is centered on information that is true ­– the light of truth – whereas a virus is spun out of just enough genetic material to give it a membrane (a body) and mobility. Keep in mind that when I say a living cell is centered on truth I mean information that is the energy from actual (true) events. It is all vibrational energy, but it is not modulated (or covered) by the vibrational energy “spun up” by humans.

True particles are units of spacetime, i.e. real and imaginary, physical and mental, whereas dark particles are covered and appear to be imaginary. True particles can withstand the test of time because time itself, as I explained here, is just another way of quantifying motion, as the reflection of space. A true particle is like a pixel that makes an image on a computer screen – it appears in spacetime when observed, then disappears and reappears a bazillion times a second. In other words, it projects into space, turns and reflects on the implicit, non-physical information energy that shaped it, and then reforms (“realizes” itself as explicit form) as a reproduction of its former self at a new point in spacetime. Its new explicit self is real and measurable, so it is the subject of science. And its former self modulates the implicit information, allowing the new self to experience change, as in motion (quantum level) and evolution (animal level). The implicit part is not measurable, but sensible, so it is not usually the subject science, but of conscience. The former self can accurately inform the new self of truth only if it is not covered with the dark web. If it is, then it will require self-reflection, self-illumination, and perhaps self-sacrifice in order to regain self-awareness.

The holomorphic process theory is a holistic quantum medical physics perspective of physics. It uses the same well-known technique in principle as that used in medical physics to extract anatomical information from the data obtained from a CT or MRI scan. The technique is to “deconvolve” data and extract 3D information from multiple different sources using a convolution kernel function. In the case of distinguishing dark particles from true particles, the kernel function is a single cycle, which is modeled as separation, projection, reflection and reunification.

A real particle “pops” into existence by moving from the state of oneness (just called energy) to a state of separateness, as a distinct particle, separate from the background field. It is then in a state of spatial projection – in perpetual motion with respect to everything else in the universe. Because it is in motion, it separates spacetime into space (the spatial projection) and time (the reflection of spatial projection), imprinting its vibrational state as fringes in the past. Those fringes serve to inform and actually form and give shape to the new particle. If the information is not corrupted by false information, the process will continue and the form will be a living organism that physically evolves.

The problem with the theory of evolution is that it only refers to the physical results that become apparent after a particle morphs into more evolved versions of itself. It does not consider what happens to the non-physical information energy. The holomorphic process theory is a Theory of Human Convolution as a revision or supplement to Darwin’s theory. The word “convolution” is defined simply as “a thing that is complex and difficult to follow” but in mathematics “convolution is a mathematical operation on two functions that produces a third function expressing how the shape of one is modified by the other. The term convolution refers to both the result function and to the process of computing it.”[2]

The inverse convolution operation is used in medical imaging to extract the information that is convolved in a collection of individual images. According to the holomorphic process theory, the physical human body is one function, the mental body (the self that we create to mask our true self) is the second function, and the true self is the “antibody”. Thus, a human that is made up of true particles is the macroscopic version of cellular antibodies.

How to use your antibody to heal society

So what if you inherited a bunch of non-truth from your ancestors? The only way to get rid of it is for it to die. That is what people call a spiritual death or a rebirth. As I said in the introductory paragraph, “…taking information with a grain of salt, i.e. challenging any theory, concept, rhetoric or spin to make sure that it is based in truth, is part of the solution that I am proposing.” Besides being able to synthesize information particles, we humans are also able to challenge dark particles. However, too many people like the idea of being part of a flock, happy to follow whatever “shepherd” herded their parents or willing to follow any charismatic leader that comes their way. I’m not referring to religious leaders, although there are probably some who twist their religious messages for the sake of their own greed. I’m talking more about political and governmental leaders.

The way to heal ourselves as individuals and society as a whole is to discredit the anthropomorphic image and raise up the word “truth” to the level of “God”. Everyone knows about truth and as I explained in the holomorphic process theory, creation of the universe is a continuous quantum process. The universe is expanding because it is merely the surface of expanding human awareness. So truth is the Creator. Truth is what religions call God. Truth is the essence of life and nothing – no religion, no philosophy, no science and no ideology – should ever be held higher than truth.

Any statements that we make should be made with honor: that means with honesty and integrity. To be honest means that you make your words fit the truth, i.e. you tell the truth. Integrity means that you ensure the truth (by your actions) fit your words. In other words, if you say you are going to do something, you make sure that you do it. If something changes and you can’t keep your word, make sure that you are honest about it. It is time for the people to take back control by insisting on truth and transparency from our leaders and our selves.

As for the coronavirus… I would suggest that all restrictions be lifted, encourage all people to “come clean” to anyone they have deceived, and let the process of truth take over. I am part of the high-risk population. I’ll be 60 years old in a few months with high blood and a mild heart condition. I will continue to be careful about hygiene and wear a mask if I go out in public, but I am certainly willing to die for the sake of truth.

[1] McIntyre, Lee. The Scientific Attitude (The MIT Press) (Kindle Locations 1543-1546). The MIT Press. Kindle Edition.


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