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In my previous post (Demystifying Quantum Physics) I discussed a question that a physics student asked about my paper, A geometric model based on frequency that reveals the nature of time. Basically, the student was confused about why I made my geometric model since it simply displays energy in terms of two expressions of frequency. So he said it was like I was comparing two sides to the same coin. And that was the whole point: physics really is that simple, but since the two sides look different, physicists back in the day used certain assumptions and developed complicated math equations to try and relate the two sides. But since the sides were different by definition, they were believed to be fundamentally different. And if they are fundamentally different, they couldn’t possibly be two sides of the same thing.

At the end of the post, I said that the number 2pi, which relates the diameter of a circle to its circumference, serves the same function for a circle as the golden ratio serves for a pair of lines, i.e. taking two characteristics that appear to be different from one perspective and relating them so that they can be seen as being the same from another perspective. And I said that I would discuss this in my next post and that I hoped to show how one of these constants can be considered more fundamental than the other. However, as I was working on that, I recognized a few things that I felt should be added to my Home page, so I went into it and started making changes. If you previously read my Home page, I highly recommend that you read this revision. I went into much more detail in my description of the holographic process (how a hologram is made) and how the steps in the holomorphic process apply throughout the process. As I was doing that, I discovered a few twists that I had not realized before, so I continued working on that. Those insights also apply to the post about the golden ratio, so I’m still working on that. Then, I realized that I had branched off the subject and started comparing and contrasting the holomorphic process model to the quantum computer simulation model, which is now being called “digital physics”. So I decided to cut it out and post it instead.

What’s wrong with My Big TOE

This digital model of reality was proposed in the mid 1950s and published by Edwin Jaynes (Jaynes 1957). It was explained in terms physics by physicist John Wheeler who coined the catchy phrase, “It from bit”, and it was used as the basis for Tom Campbell’s Theory of Everything, which he called “My Big TOE”. This digital approach models reality as a collection of quantum bits – Planck-sized voxels in space – that repeatedly appear, disappear and reappear to form the appearance of continuous flow.

Before I continue, I suppose I should invent a catchy acronym for the Holomorphic Process Theory. I’ll probably still refer to the Holomorphic Process Theory, but people seem to like catchy titles, and acronyms so in the spirit of the TOE and the GUT (for Grand Unified Theory), I want to use another body part. Since Campbell’s book cover shows a picture of a left foot, I thought about calling mine The Right TOE, which would cleverly imply that his is the Wrong TOE. But my intent is not to step on his toes, (sorry about that, I’m on a roll) even though I am about to explain the fundamental flaws that I have found in his theory. So, as the title of this post already revealed, I’ll call it: My Big HEART (Holomorphic Energy Approach to Reality Theory)

Campbell claims (Campbell 2003, pg 181, ff.) that his Big TOE is based on only two assumptions – that there exists:

  • 1) a fundamental process of evolution and
  • 2) a primordial consciousness (an Absolute Unbounded Oneness or AUO) as a fundamental source of structural energy.

The difference that makes a difference between his theory and mine is that the holomorphic process theory is based on only one:

  • 1) that there exists a fundamental process of convolution as opposed to evolution.

However, that assumption is implied by the fundamental principle that Truth is true and is the only thing that is true. The existence of Truth is not an assumption; it’s a principle, defined as “a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior or for a chain of reasoning.” In My HEART, I hold that the word “Truth” refers to a universal – an abstract concept, the same as the word “Energy”; but Truth includes the concept of information, whereas Energy does not. Because information is what is fed-back to energy in a holomorphic convolution, it shapes and reshapes units of energy in such a way that it captures Truth in the quantized form as “tidbits of truth”. So the first law of Holomorphosis is

The Law of Conservation of Truth:

Truth can neither be created nor destroyed, but only changed in form.

As I said, this implies that there is a fundamental process of convolution to shape energy into form. I suspect that Truth is what Campbell was referring to as AUO, but he had already discussed truth and separated it into “universal truth and local truth”. He even said, “Universal or absolute truth is the same for everyone – it is timeless and unchanging.” (pg. 185) That means it can neither be created nor destroyed. And what he called local truth is a reflection of the second part of the law of conservation of Truth – it can be changed in form – into bits of local truth. Can you see how this is the first step of the holomorphic process? He separated the universal (Truth) into itself and separate bits of itself.

And he says that, although he calls it primordial consciousness, it is not “all knowing, omniscient, self-aware, or even vaguely intelligent – it is not. At this point, this rudimentary form of consciousness is not capable of forming or holding a single coherent thought.” (Campbell 2003, pg.190) In My HEART, I believe he was referring to Truth. 

Then he muddies his argument by stating “this seemingly infinite Absolute Unbounded Oneness  (AUO) is not infinite. Nor is it absolute, unbounded, or a oneness – but only appears to be an infinite absolute unbounded oneness from a limited point of view within PMR (Physical Matter Reality)” And by doing so, he traps himself into a corner and asks the obvious question that his theory raises, “Where did AUO come from?… I truly do not know… AUO’s origins lie beyond the logical reach of our understanding.” I love his sense of humor, so I have to tell you this: I think his answer set him up for the best line in the book: “Where did the ingredients, the environment, and the spark come from?” [Wait for it…] 

            “Leave me alone,” he said. “Go ask your mother!”

I love it! LOL!

But seriously, a few pages later, despite what he claims about only making two assumptions, Campbell also states (pg 215), “Given that AUO somehow discovers a disturbance or non-uniformity relative to itself, it can return to uniform, then intentionally reestablish the locally disturbed state, then return back to uniform and so on.” That’s not a “given”; it is an assumption to say that “it” discovers something and another assumption to say that it can move back and forth between uniform and disturbed states. These are enormously impactful assumptions that are neither made, nor needed for My HEART. His TOE needs these assumptions because he already knows that everything is vibration (according to My HEART they are projections) and he is back-projecting in order to set up his next statement: “We now have the possibility of a regular recurring event that will eventually evolve into a precisely recurring event.” The words “eventually evolve” and “recurring event” imply that time must already exist. But then he contradicts this implication in the next sentence: “A precisely occurring event might eventually be used to invent time.” Finally, in chapter 29 he discusses “the birth of time.” (Campbell 2003, pg. 239ff)

What’s right with My Big HEART

Without understanding the “twists” introduced by the holomorphic process, the only logical conclusion is that there must be a beginning to time. That is one of the fundamental flaws in Campbell’s TOE. He feels the need to explain how it all started and what made it start ticking. Once you understand the process, you realize that looking outward traps you in Plato’s Allegory of the Cave and forces you to come to the wrong conclusion. You have to “untwist” it by turning yourself around and look directly toward the center and face the Truth, where you will see that there is no beginning of time. My HEART is already beating and always has been.

Convolution – the very essence of the holomorphic process – is already a precisely recurring cycle, an implicit circle that has no beginning. (Come to think of it, I wrote an essay for another journal called The Convolution of Consciousness. I’ll post it here later).

Because the process can only be seen by conscious beings, they (we) are already in the middle of the process as projections. We have to look back to see it and we recognized that energy in general–energy of motion in particular–can be separated (mathematically divided) into a duality: one called space and the other called time.

 We do this for our own sakes; we need to separate things in order to participate in the holomorphic process. But since we are the “holomorphic film” that holds the holomorphic “fringes” in our DNA, as I explained in the update of my Home page, we are trapped in the medium. My body is my physical “holomorphic film” where every event in my life is written and it is what holds me accountable for my actions. Everything that is true is centered on Truth, which means it has its own internal “reference laser” source (the implicit light of Truth), which it uses to project itself and reflect on itself.

Reflecting means we look at the reflection. And My HEART holds that there are at least two reflections for us to look at. One is the reflection of light off of physical matter. When we look at that, we are looking linearly backwards in time (think about how light reflected off of any object takes time to reach your eyes, so you are always seeing the past). The second reflection is an implicit surface on the inside of our sphere of knowledge (call it our bubble). It acts as a virtual mirror that splits the laser light of Truth, which emanates from our center (our hearts) and projects radially outward. It is exactly the same setup as the setup for making a hologram. Part of our inner light penetrates our bubble and goes out to reflect off of physical matter, and part of it reflects back toward our center. When the two reunite somewhere between our bubble and our heart, they form a holographic projection. If I didn’t already know that some people can see “auras”, My HEART would predict that they exist and I would recommend experiments, like those that use Kirlian photography or water crystals, like those used by Masaru Emoto.

My book, Holomorphosis and the Hologenetic Universe, is my first attempt at projecting this idea but my newest insights are posted on this website and not yet in the book. I post them because it is much faster and easier than publishing a new edition. And your feedback helps. As I said in the most recent version of the Home page, I will send you a free PDF copy of the current version of the book for you to reflect on as long as you will project your feedback to me. If what you say is centered on Truth, then your feedback will reshape the images in my mind and form a more accurate, true and complete holomorphic projection (us and the book).

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Jaynes, Edwin. “Information Theory and Statistical Mechanics.” Physical Review (American Physical Society (APS)) 106, no. 4 (1957): 620-630.

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