Dear Mr. Biden

Before it gets too dark for you to see, please reflect for a moment and look at the truth. It can be beautiful.

Dec. 9, 2021

Dear Mr. Biden,

I am a concerned Christian, and a patriotic American citizen who wishes you all the best as you serve the office as head of the Executive Branch of our government. I was glad to hear that Pope Francis told you that you are a good Catholic because that tells me that you believe in the Catholic doctrine and dogma. I’m sure you know the difference between the two – doctrine is what we try to follow and dogma is law, approved by the Pope, much like the laws that you approve except that breaking dogma means we have to answer to God. Of course, everyone who believes in God knows that God doesn’t just blow off the part about accountability for the decisions one makes, so I don’t need to tell you that. What I would like to tell you is this:

I’m sure you have your reasons for the decisions you make and it is not my intention to judge or try to discredit you in any way. I can’t even imagine how difficult it must be to make the decisions you have to make, but I hope you don’t mind if I respectfully offer a tidbit of something I found when I read the report of the First Vatican Council of 1870 that is very likely to help you with your reasoning while making those decisions. The following paragraph, under Chapter IV “On Faith and Reason”, follows some discussion about how faith is above reason, which means that as a good Catholic, your faith in Jesus and the decisions and guidance of the Pope (the office that Jesus himself appointed as “president” of the Universal Church), will raise you up to a higher perspective. That perspective is much higher than the flat, two-dimensional perspective held by either of the two political parties. From there you can see the truth, which is centered on the principle of freedom and liberty, and make your decisions based on that. As a career US Naval officer, that perspective helped me more than I can tell you.

The report goes on to state the obvious, that truth does not contradict truth, and then it says, “The false appearance of such a contradiction is mainly due, either to the dogmas of faith not having been understood… or to the inventions of opinion having been mistaken for the verdicts of reason.” Surely we are forgiven for not understanding or seeing the truth, but you know as well as the rest of us that the politicians who try to “help” you make decisions, understand their low-level positions and base their “help” on their own biased opinions. So here’s the paragraph I’m talking about:

“We define, therefore, that every assertion contrary to a truth of enlightened faith is utterly false. Furthermore, the Church… derives from God the right and the duty of proscribing false science, [proscribe means to denounce, condemn, forbid or even outlaw; false science sounds like fake news] lest any should be deceived by philosophy and empty falsehoods (Col. 2:8). Therefore, all faithful Christians are not only forbidden to defend, as legitimate conclusions of science, such opinions as are known to be contrary to the doctrines of faith, especially if they have been condemned by the Church, but are altogether bound to account them as errors which put on the fallacious appearance of truth.”

False science? Do you know what I’m talking about? Come oooon. You know… the stuff you are talking about when you keep saying, “Follow the science”. You know that stopping the living process as it is happening in the womb of a pregnant woman is murder no matter where she happens to be in the process. The living process (the process that we see as the first cell division) is what we call the life process and once the process starts in a human egg, stopping it is what we call death. From up above the opposites it is just that simple. And when a human induced death in another human, it’s what we call murder. You know that, Mr. Biden. Just take a quick look at yourself in the mirror of your mind and you will see it clearly.

I think you’ll also see that you know this: there is plenty of scientific data that contradicts the data that your people (maybe you call them “advisors”) tell you that makes you try to impose more restrictions on our freedom. As a scientists myself, I know that anyone can manipulate data and make it look like their experiments or epidemiological studies point to the decision that they had already decided they want you to make. That’s all false science. Your people tell you to say the words, “Follow the science”, thinking we don’t see the hidden word, but we know and we know that they know that what you are really saying is “Follow the false science.”

Bless your heart, Mr. Biden. We still love you, but please… be what you said that Pope Francis said you are. Be a good Catholic. We truly wish you all the best, in the name of the Father, Jesus the son and the Holy Spirit, who is right there waiting to bless your heart if you will just reflect for a moment, and rise up with Him so you can see the truth for yourself.

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